Islamic Economic Doctrine

The Islamic Economic Doctrine is a comparative study that looks at the fundamental principles of Islamic economics and compares them with the economic and philosophical foundations of capitalism and Marxism. The book draws heavily on verses of the Quran, as well as sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad and various saints and imams, considering viewpoints put forward by scholars of various faiths within the Muslim religion. The volume is fairly comprehensive and covers a variety of critical economic issues such as the role of the state, banking and finance, risk-taking, the theory of value, ownership of assets, socioeconomic development, social justice and cohesion, land and natural resources, distribution and production of goods and services. All of these issues are considered within an Islamic context and compared with the other two main doctrines of capitalism and Marxism.

Translation and editing: Dr. Kadom Jawad Shubber
Publisher:  London Book
Current Edition: 2nd
Language: English
Dimensions: 297 X 21 cm

Publishing Date: July 2018

Pages: 420

Weight: 1123 gm

ISBN: 978-0-9566093-0-4

Price: £23.00

الدكتور كاظم جواد شبر